Replaces the traditional ‘busyness’ of Business - with a

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The purpose of this web presence is to: present specific viewpoints on engaging in Web business, using refreshing and revolutionary methods.  Presentation of these culminates in our unique E-Classes and E-Seminars.  During this journey we wish to serve visitors and Members the best way possible.  We hope all will grow and flourish in the process.  Your feedback is both welcome and encouraged, so please do avail yourselves of these communication resources:

*      E-zine  -  browse updates and INFO relevant to our development

*      Chat    -    casually interact with one another or with site Facilitator

*      ‘Private’ Chat   -  available if you enroll in E-Classes or V.I.P. Seminars

*      Forum  -  actively participate with Visitors, Members and Facilitator

*      Guestbook  -  share your thoughts and feedback with everyone


Portia M. Tabor Facilitator / Mgr.




12231 Highway #62

Eagle Point, OR 97524

Tel: 541-826-4722

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